Golden State Warriors Show-Off Latest “Statement Edition” Uniform for 2022-23

The Golden State Warriors unveiled their new “Statement Edition” (alternate) uniform for the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season this morning. The announcement came on the 51st anniversary of their team changing their name from San Francisco to Golden State on August 2, 1971. The new uniform is simple in its overall design — no, not Utah […]

Kevin Durant-for-Jaylen Brown trade just as risky for Nets as for Celtics

When a team trades a superstar for a younger player, they usually do so for control as much as upside. Superstars asking for trades are almost always armed with the threat of free agency, whereas young players, for the most part, have less freedom of movement. A first-round pick can’t change teams by choice until […]

Detroit Pistons’ Retro Teal Uniform returns for 2022-23

The Detroit Pistons are bringing back the teal. Yes, you read that right, for “approximately ten games” in 2022-23, the Pistons will once again don their teal, red, black, and yellow uniforms, complete with the flaming horse logo across the chest. The uniform will be classified as a “Classic Edition” set, which means it will […]

76ers’ Harden took a $15 million pay cut for the 2022-23 season

Mere minutes after the Philadelphia 76ers were vanquished by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals, James Harden was asked a simple question by a reporter: Would Harden, a pending free agent, take a pay cut in the short-term in order to help the Sixers build out the rest of the roster around Harden […]