Dates, Timings, and TV Schedule for every exhibition game in the NFL Preseason 2022

The 2022 NFL preseason begins tonight with the Hall of Fame Game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Las Vegas Raiders. Below, you’ll find the full rundown of the preseason and every game that will be played each week. Games in bold are nationally televised. Hall of Fame Game Jacksonville Jaguars at Las Vegas Raiders: Thursday, […]

Dallas Cowboys to wear throwback white helmets on Thanksgiving

Ah, the days of Yore hath returned for the Dallas Cowboys, at least as it relates to their uniforms. For while they’re still working on bringing forward their days of glory as Super Bowl champions, they’ve long been lobbied to relive the energy by taking the field in a throwback or two — be in […]

New York Jets show-off ‘stealth black’ alternate helmets they’ll wear three times in 2022

For the 2022 season, the NFL changed the so-called “one shell” rule that prevented teams from using alternate helmets. In recent days and weeks, teams have begun unveiling the alternate helmets they’ll be using during the upcoming campaign. Already, the Cowboys (white helmet), Giants (navy blue helmet), Panthers (black helmet), Bengals (white tiger helmet), Texans […]

Chicago Bears unveil new helmets; debut on October 13 vs. Washington Commanders

The Chicago Bears have entered the alternate helmet frenzy that is taking over the NFL. On Sunday, the club unveiled a new alternate orange helmet that they will wear for two games this season. The new lid is essentially a reversed version of the team’s primary helmet as the orange swaps in for the traditional […]

Philadelphia Eagles set to debut new black helmet for 2022

‘Tis the season for debuting alternate helmets. The latest team set to sport a new look during the 2022 season is the Philadelphia Eagles, who unveiled an alternative black helmet on Friday. Of course, the helmet still dons the classic wings across the side and merely swaps the “midnight green” for a glossy black look. […]

New York Giants Bring Back Classic Blue Helmets & Uniforms for 2022

The New York Giants will be going back to their roots during the 2022 season. The club announced on Wednesday that they will be bringing back their classic blue uniforms from the ’80s and ’90 for two “Legacy Games.” The first game will come on Oct. 2 when they host the Chicago Bears in Week […]

Green Bay Packers destroys Baseball mascot in tackling drill

If anyone ever asks you to face off against an NFL player in a tackling drill, please say no. Not only will you lose, but you’ll lose badly, and if you need proof, just check out what happened to the mascot for the Kenosha Kingfish over the weekend. The mascot was on hand for a […]

Carolina Panthers introduce new all-black alternate helmet

For the first time in franchise history, the Carolina Panthers are introducing a new helmet. The Panthers entered the NFL in 1995 and in the 27 seasons since then, they’ve worn a silver helmet for every game, but that will be changing this year. For the first time in franchise history, the team will be […]

Cincinnati Bengals to unveil new white helmet for 2022

The Cincinnati Bengals have worn the same striped helmet in every game they’ve played for the past 40 years, but that will be changing this year. For the first time in franchise history, the team will be wearing an alternate helmet, and they announced the new look Thursday. Instead of wearing their standard orange helmet […]

New “Battle Red” alternate helmet unveiled by the Houston Texans

Today the Houston Texans unveiled a new alternate “Battle Red” helmet, to be worn for one game during the upcoming 2022 NFL season. Featuring a glossy red shell with a blue facemask and the Texans’ primary logo on either side, this will be the first time the Houston Texans have ever worn a helmet colour […]

Dolphins, 49ers lead the rankings for the NFL’s best throwback jerseys

Throwback jerseys were all the rage in the NFL at the start of the century, thanks to teams bringing back uniforms that went by the wayside in the 1990s in favor of darker colors (49ers going to cardinal red, Eagles to midnight green). Turns out, fans and teams liked the old colors and uniform designs […]

These two player jerseys are the NFL’s Best-Selling for 2022

The National Football League has released its list of the top ten best-selling NFL player jerseys so far in 2022. It turns out a big name player switching clubs is good for sales. Who knew?! Russell Wilson leads the pack this year; the longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback was traded to the Denver Broncos three months […]

Washington Commanders To Mark 90th Anniversary With Uniform Patch

Although this fall will mark the first season with their new nickname, the Washington Commanders announced on Wednesday they will commemorate their 90th anniversary as a franchise with a uniform patch. “To honor the past and give a nod to the new era as the Commanders, the patch combines elements reflective of the organizations 90-year […]